We believe
ur youth are our greatest resource, 
and apathy is our greatest threat.

Imagine an EdTech training ground that inspires our youth to acquire the mindset, skillset, toolset to become our future leaders. Sparking their creativity and applying STEAM fundamentals to solve real world problems with trackable, data driven results.

Because everyone matters,
our actions matter,
and we all want to feel excited
about a future we believe in.

Earthwin game attributes

Youth-Driven Experiential Learning

Youth want to drive their own experience without being held up by outdated programs and processes.

Educators understand the importance of experiential learning and application of STEAM fundamentals, but they don’t have extra time to guide student projects. 

Earthwin solves these problems by providing youth with a gamified pathway to engage with as they bring their sustainability projects to life, without unnecessary teacher-centric oversight.

Clear Pathways

Earthwin provides clear pathways for youth to create meaningful impact with achievable projects.

Our game guides them to choose areas of focus. They then create an audit, a strategy, a budget, a plan and a projected outcome summary. It then guides them to create an explainer video to propel their funding campaign.

Every step of the project is included in a highly interactive format so youth can progress freely and independently towards their goals.

Intentional Game Design

Games are fun! And when youth are having fun, they are focused and learning is easy.

Games meet youth in their native digital world with incremental progression in a safe place to try, fail and try again.  As youth solve problems they unlock achievements and merit rewards for their success as they move forward. This is the future of learning and problem solving. 


Games designed with interesting graphics, language, motion and token rewards stimulate engagement with high motivation to unlock achievements. Checkpoints for project development, fundraising, implementation, as well as STEAM, leadership and collaboration, are built in for minimal instructor oversight. As youth play and get real-time feedback, they assimilate and demonstrate their learning in real ways within the program and in their community.

Leadership & Integrity

Earthwin is forging tomorrow's thought leaders to solve today's problems.

Youth build their leadership skills as they take ownership of sustainability projects to improve responsible use and protection of our natural resources. They think about the big picture, beyond themselves, to become responsible stewards of their communities and planet.

Their sense of integrity and power grows as they gain understanding of a project cycle, from identifying a problem, researching and planning, to funding and implementation. Problem solving and people skills grow as they work with their team and the community.

Mindfulness & Well-Being

Youth feel their own power as creators in digital environments.

Often, virtual worlds are the only place they experience autonomy and unlimited creativity, which can lead to negative mental, physical & emotional outcomes.

Earthwin provides the bridge between feeling powerful in the virtual world and real life. Students achieve goals quickly in the game and they manifest change in real life. By completing projects and making connections in their communities, they come to recognize their own self-worth, strengths and intrinsic value.

Multi-generational connection & Recognition

We all want to feel connected to our communities and contribute something meaningful.

A benefit of the social reach of youth-driven projects is the viral sharing of information about sustainability solutions, encouraging new conversations and inspiring new actions. 

Educating and expanding awareness of mindful living for global well being. 

As families and communities mobilize to support student projects, it results in instant token rewards in the game, and youth simultaneously get the recognition and connection they crave. These relationships and interactions between multiple generations play a vital role in the health and well-being of both individuals and communities.


The Earthwin game mobilizes education communities to support youth initiatives.

Youth create a one-minute explainer video about their project to share on their social platforms. They also receive a QR code to text to friends and family, directing them to the video and fundraising page. Harnessing the power of social media results in a broad reach for the project to create buzz and awareness. As that grows and people in the community give money in support, youth earn rewards within the game and their projects are funded quickly and efficiently. 

Considering the average learning community has 3000 members and each member may have around 400 social connections, Earthwin projects, which usually cost less than $1000, are easily funded by microdonations of $0.30 each.

Metrics Dashboard

Earthwin generates valuable and verifiable impact data.

Students perform audits, develop strategies, create budgets, write impact statements and complete STEAM learning checkpoints, creating real-time impact data. 

Carbon Offset * Energy Conservation & Creation * Water Protection & Preservation * Waste Reduction & Recycling * Commuter Options, Social & Environmental Justice * Participation & Community Support * Student progress & Achievements * Reach 

This allows parents and educators to monitor youth progress and donors to understand the scalable impact and reach of their investment.

Sponsorship Impact

Earthwin creates a powerful opportunity for purpose driven brands.

Corporations, investors, government and the public all understand the critical importance of corporate ESG, responsibility and participation in solutions to climate, resource and social crisis. B-Corps, and 1% for the Planet companies can donate, sponsor and provide exclusive branded products to recognize and reward participation, leveling up, and project completion.

Earthwin projects promote environmental responsibility & action, and influence socially & environmentally conscious leaders of the future, which exponentially amplifies the potential of the value of corporate contributions.